Brunch Report: A Good Find @ Foundry


The choice to switch to a buffet for any meal, for any consumer, at any restaurant, is just plain dangerous. Customers fear overindulging and low-quality fare. The price is either incredibly high- forcing consumers to “want their money’s worth” and slavishly fill their plates with more than they can consume, or the price is cheap mirroring the ingredients and selection. The restaurant risks serving immense amounts of food which, while sweating in life-less steel domes, becomes cold, soggy, and stale.

Luckily, Boston Brunchers got to experience a whole new kind of buffet this past weekend. Davis Square’s Foundry on Elm offered us a complimentary breakfast, which included a sample of their newly introduced brunch buffet and items off of their consistently popular menu. Whether selecting the buffet or traditional menu, every breakfast should start with an order of Foundry’s French Beignets served with a surprisingly scrumptious lemon curd, that offered a much cleaner flavor than the typically overly-tart or sickeningly sweet contenders.


The buffet consists of all the requirements needed to satisfy a breakfast-lover’s cravings. The benedict manages to have a creamy, runny yoke, the bacon still crispy, and the scrambled eggs are fluffy and warm.  The prize goes to the Pain Perdu Pudding with roasted apples and “please-may-I-have-some-more” pecan caramel sauce. Its dense, custard-like texture and vanilla-spice flavor is a soothing delight that will make you favor your spoon over your fork.  Also available for brunch buffet is an abundance of sausage, home fries, a plate full of fresh fruits (including grapefruit halves, which I think should make more of an appearance in the breakfast fruit tray family), and petite jams to smother over the assortment of fresh tarts and pastries.


The apple Dutch Baby is pleasant, but take the Pain Perdu if deciding between the two. The steak and eggs are an excellent option from the menu. A tender cut of flat iron steak, farm eggs (whichever way you like them) and descent home fries make for a hearty and satisfying breakfast. But, if you’re looking for more than satisfaction move your finger down two rows until you hit the Vol-au-Vent. Don’t worry about pronouncing it, just point to it as soon as your waiter comes by. This decadent puff pastry filled with creamy spinach and bacon beautifully soaks up the combination of sapphire spilling yolk from the poached egg and the indulgent Mornay sauce drizzled around the plate. Sprinkled with chives and layered with savory flavors, this dish is unbelievably heavy, but absolutely worth it.



The buffet brunch here is definitely not the afternoon tea affair you might expect from other all-you-can-eat brunch places like The Blue Room or Henrietta’s Table. But the sufficiently sized self-serve spread is well thought out and tasty… but most importantly affordable. The Buffet is only $15.00! Foundry gives you the best of both worlds, a simplified top-notch menu and a simple, yet filling buffet option.  So go ahead, fill up your plates!


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