Brunch Report: Look for the Lone Star


Who likes hot breakfasts? No, I mean spicy hot…

Well, let me start by saying I normally don’t. I like my morning meals to ease me into the day instead of jerking me into hyper-alertness. My roommate would strongly disagree. Straight from Bombay, India, she insists that spicy breakfasts get the mind, body and bowels going. That they do.

Today the Boston Brunchers and I made the trip over to Deep Ellum’s younger, spicier, yet equally liquored up sister, and one of my favorite Allston taco bars- Lone Star. Being Canadian, I was never exposed to the fresh and exciting tacos my West Coast friends always seem to rave about (although the taco revolution is now rapidly emerging in Toronto with hot spots such as Grand Electric and La Perla). So, with my minimal taco knowledge and an ignorant disinterest for all things corn, I was pleasantly surprised when I took a bite out of my very first Baja Fish Taco at Lone Star. A moist and malleable soft taco shell wrapped perfectly around a crisp, beer-battered strip of tender white fish is truly the star of this Taco joint. The “fish of the day” taco is layered with pickled, purple cabbage and a sweet-heat mango chili aioli. It’s a two-bit taco so you’ll want to order at least three.


Fish Tacos are not exactly on the top of everyone’s list for morning eats, so here are some of the more breakfast appropriate menu items the Brunchers got to snack on, compliments of Lone Star. Firstly, the coffee is surprisingly good. A solid cup of mild grounds is a great way to begin your meal here, but with the jumble of fiery flavors and rich sauces, I found myself craving a beer instead of a cup of joe. Although it is nothing compared to the Baja fish, the breakfast taco is a simple and easy option. Scrambled eggs combined with avocado crema, just-salty-enough cheese, and mild salsa is satisfying and tasty.


The Huevos Rancheros offers a tasty tomato-rich sauce with an ample amount of house beans, eggs and slightly soggy tortillas to soak up all the flavors. This is perhaps one of the largest dishes on the brunch menu so it’s a good choice for the hungry visitor.


Jalapeño Corn Cakes are good for sharing. Drizzled with syrup, the warm and dense cakes are a nice alternative to the boring pancake, but they do serve up quite the kick so don’t expect them to cool down your palate from the spicy homemade hot sauces. And yes, you will want to drench your dishes in the delicious sweet potato, habanero or tomatillo, agave and jalapeño liquid accompaniments.


As much as I enjoyed the breakfast side of the menu, i was most impressed by the regular items which make an appearance even after the 4pm brunch cut off. If there is one item that you absolutely must try, it is the ceviche. The Brunchers and I couldn’t get enough of this seafood treat. Complete with impeccably fresh tuna, this dish has  just the right amount of tangy citrus, crisp bites of cucumber and juicy strips of sweet mango to cut the acidity. It is exceptional and one of the most vibrant and cooling dishes on the menu. Overall, Lone Star definitely knows how to heat up the morning, but my favorites flavors  lye with the softer and more refreshing items on the menu.



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