Brunch Report: See you on the Back Deck


Where do Boston Brunchers go to eat when the weather finally hits below 0 (Celsius that is)?

…An outdoor patio!

Picture your favorite outdoor patio, filled with rich wooden tables, an abundance of greenery,  a protruding octagon bar and, of course, a massive grill. Now add four walls and roof, and you have our most recent complimentary brunch destination: Back Deck. So I lied. It wasn’t outdoors but, in the best possible way, it sure felt like it.

The décor here is great.  Everything about this place screams outdoors, especially the grill-heavy menu.  Grilling is exactly the way to go when deciding what to order. Start with the grilled grapefruit:  a sweet and refreshing start to the meal, which should start finding its way into more brunch menus.  Honey and heat do wonders for the sometimes too tart grapefruit, helping mellow out some of the acidity and while easing up some of the juices.  Your eyes will thank you.


Other starters are borrowed, a little too heavily, from a lunch or dinner menu with items ranging from grilled chicken livers to grilled hot wings. If deciding, go with the butternut squash soup. It’s creamy, rich and has a good balance of fall flavors and delightful textures.

For the heartier meals, there are a lot of creative comforts to choose from: Grilled three-cheese sandwich, a selection of beef, turkey or veggie Backyard burgers, and even a Lamb Kefta Roll-up.  But, if you’re looking for a slew of morning sweets, you won’t find much here. There is only one oversized French toast dish that is well worth ordering, but pancakes and crepes are nowhere to be found.

Let’s get to the most important part- the eggs.  The menu sports five solid egg-centered items.  The salmon benedict was a solid dish. Nicely poached eggs with a runny yolk that blended well with the subtle, yet tasty hollandaise, decent home fries complete with grilled onions and peppers, and a good portion of salmon. The smoked salmon here is not your typical thin-sliced, silky fish but more of a chunky piece of flesh that resembles a flaked, poached salmon. Although I appreciate the variation in my benedict, the salt that usually comes with the classic thin-sliced salmon was missing from the larger cut and the texture was a bit dry.


The Eggs Diablo and Sweet Potato Hash were substantial but slightly unbalanced in spice. While some bits were well-blended, a few were over-spiced and others completely flavorless. That aside, these meals are fresh, simple and a great portion size. No matter what you order, be sure to pair your meals with the Back Deck Lemonade. Fresh, sunny and not-too-sweet, this drink is ideal!



Of course, we couldn’t resist taking a peak at the dessert menu. Thank goodness we did because out came a delicious peanut butter s’mores with truly exceptional graham crackers. The mess of chocolate and sticky marshmallows are sensational with the thick crunch of the salty-sweet cookie. The true winner is the Drunken Three Musketeers Ice-cream. Drenched in boozy goodness, this ice-cream has a big hit of flavor that brings out the summer in this patio setting. Next time, I’d even add a dollop in my coffee for a real rise and shine.