Grand Opening of the New Swissbaker’s Stohr-front


Four days after the biggest red carpet show of the year, a different red carpet was rolled out in Allston. The Stohr family opened their second Swissbaker’s location with a grand celebration and I was honored to walk the red carpet (no, that’s not me pictured below).


After attending a pre-opening tour with the Boston Brunchers, I had to return for the big event to get my pretzel fix. The Stohr family’s hospitality is as notorious as Swiss engineering. Unlike the strictly business-oriented food spots around Boston, Swissbakers opened their doors to the public like they would guests in their own home. Employees, or rather “guest huggers” as Thomas Stohr likes to call them, greeted guests with a genuine smile and  ushered their way through the crowd with trays of fresh baked goods. Anxious guests helped themselves to an abundance of free food, free drinks and exciting prizes. I sank with disappointment as I watched a 9 year old boy walk away with a supreme Lindt gift package. But, it wasn’t long before pretzel baguettes and choco weggli’s (buttery rolls laced with chocolate chips) lifted my spirits once again.


Along with some fantastic ham and Swiss croissants, and chewy Leckerli (honey cookies) packed with flavor,  there was a counter filled with tempting Berliners. These are not your standard jelly doughnuts! Golden, doughy shells cover a fluffy interior where only a touch of home-made filling rounds out this delightful dessert. Go for the Apple Berliner!


And if you’ve had your fill of baked goods, try heading over to their hot counter where you can order Swiss-style meals. My next order will undoubtedly be the Rösti potatoes with smoked salmon- a phenomenal breakfast dish that should make its way onto more menus. And although the location isn’t too glamorous, it is definitely worth stopping into the Swissbakers for a snack, a sweet and a smile.


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